Server Status Client Updated Progress Notes Launch
Active Horizon 01/27/2017 Base Programming

Drupal 8 Base Programming

Active MN South News 01/19/2017 Base Programming

Migration to Drupal 7 (base programming in progress).

Active Ozark Media 04/12/2017 Base Programming

Base programming in progress.

Open Journal-Eureka 03/20/2017 Test Site Delivered

Test site delivered to client.

Open Washington Tribune 03/15/2017 Test Site Delivered

Just waiting on client for additional pages.

On Hold Modern Molosser 03/10/2017 Test Site Delivered

No response. Thinks she hates it and that is OK.

Suspended Addison Independent 12/6/2016 Test Site Delivered

Delivered to client. No answer.

Suspended Thomas Publishing 03/22/2017 Test Site Delivered

Waiting on client for content.