Server Status Client Updated Information Launch
Active Addison Independent 08/31/2016

Need to get configs done and archives.

Active Beachcomber 09/8/2016

Working on content and a lot of it.

Open River Reporter 09/19/2016

First Draft Delivered to client.

Open Thomas Publishing 08/31/2016

Waiting on client for content.

Open Samoa News Upgrade 09/9/2016

Client changes done. And now we wait ....

Open Laurel Outlook (Yellowstone) 04/27/2016

Delivered first draft to Justin Post

Launching Three Rivers 08/31/2016

Site is ready for launch whenever they are.

On Hold MailMax 09/27/2016

Testing uploads

On Hold Paynesville Press 04/7/2016

Been making changes to site as they come in.

On Hold ANA News - Marion Star 03/14/2016

Wrote Lindsey asking for contact person and info

Suspended Smith Newspapers 04/5/2016

No reply no update: Made some changes; asked about left sidebar; added PayPal

Suspended Crestco 02/25/2016

No response from client.

To Follow Up QC Herald 09/27/2016