Server Status Client Updated Progress Notes Launch
Active Signal American 03/9/2018 On Boarding Requested

3/9/18- on March 5, 2018 I wrote clients again requesting on-boarding form. Rob was CC'd in this email. Have not heard anything back from Rob, or clients.
Waiting for on-boarding form.

Active Bluff County 03/9/2018 Test Site Delivered

Test site delivered.

Active Glendale Star 03/15/2018 Base Programming

Base Programming in Progress

Open Deerfield Valley News 02/2/2018 Test Site Delivered

Waiting on Payment Processor, Subscription Rates and Classifieds

Open MN South News 03/8/2018 Test Site Delivered

Final round of changes completed? Maybe?

Open Wolf River Media 03/8/2018 Initial Site Configurations

Site pretty much done - waiting on new pricing for subscriptions and classifieds.

Open Horizon D7 01/30/2018 Test Site Delivered

Need payment processor info.

On Hold 03/9/2018 Waiting on Deposit/Contract

Not sure what is going on. Made template from Nome site.

Suspended Addison Independent 12/6/2016 Test Site Delivered

Delivered to client. No answer.

Suspended Journal-Eureka 11/28/2017 Test Site Delivered

Asked Rob again, to contract client to finish site. This was on 10/27/17.