Server Status Client Updated Progress Notes Launch
Active Horizon 01/27/2017 Base Programming

Drupal 8 Base Programming

Open Modern Molosser 06/14/2017 Training Completed

The archives are fucked up. Client is working on them.

Open Gasconade County Republican 06/21/2017 Programming Configurations

Base Programming in Progress

Launching Washington Tribune 06/2/2017 Test Site Delivered

Just waiting on client for additional pages.

Launching Brandon Valley 06/21/2017 Test Site Delivered

Pretty much done. Waiting on info to be sent from Jill to finish the site. She's working on it :)

Launching Ozark Media 05/26/2017 Training Completed

Waiting for launch schedule.

On Hold Dillon Tribune 06/19/2017 Waiting on Deposit/Contract

Base Programming in Progress.

On Hold Journal-Eureka 05/18/2017 Test Site Delivered

5/16/17 - Not sure when the site will be completed. Staff of 5 - completing and launching new site is last priority to them.

On Hold MN South News 05/26/2017 Test Site Delivered

Waiting on client.

On Hold Miles City 05/18/2017 Test Site Delivered

Delivering draft to David Keyes.

Suspended Addison Independent 12/6/2016 Test Site Delivered

Delivered to client. No answer.

Suspended Thomas Publishing 03/22/2017 Test Site Delivered

Waiting on client for content.

Suspended Modern Molloser (2) 06/14/2017 Training Completed

This one is messed up royally.